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A beautiful collection of classic cocktails brought to you by Skinny Tonic. Inspired using the finest natural ingredients, this range of refreshing serves includes the use of fresh fruit and store cupboard essentials. With non-alcoholic and alcoholic cocktail recipes to try, there is something for every occasion.


50ml Tequila
10ml Lime juice
1 Can of pink grapefruit tonic


Add ice to a cocktail shaker (or jam jar) and all remaining ingredients, minus the pink grapefruit tonic. Shake until the outside of the shaker feels cold, then strain into your prepared glass. Add a few fresh ice cubes and add your pink grapefruit tonic. Garnish with a wedge of grapefruit.


8-10 Raspberries
1 Lime, chopped into large chunks
2 Mint sprigs
100ml White rum
2 Cans of raspberry tonic


Divide the raspberries and lime between two tall glasses and muddle by gently crushing with a muddler or the end of a bar spoon. Bruise your the mint leaves and drop into the glasses. Add a handful of ice to each glass, followed by the rum. Stir, then top up with raspberry tonic water. Stir briefly until combined, then serve.


50ml London dry gin
Freshly squeezed lemon juice
A handful of fresh blueberries
Asprinkling of fresh rosemary leaves
1 Can of blueberry tonic


Muddle the blueberries and rosemary in a tall glass and add cubed ice. Pour over the gin, add a squeeze of lemon and top with Blueberry Skinny Tonic.


50ml Alcohol free rum
15ml Lime juice
Mint leaves
Lime to garnish
Cubed ice
1 Can of ginger ale


Add your alcohol free rum and lime to a glass and stir. Then add torn mint to the glass and fill with ice. Top up with Skinny Ginger Ale and garnish with mint and a few slices of lime.